Community Garden


The LaCrosse Community Garden provides an opportunity for the homeowner to grow produce within walking distance of their home and to enjoy all the benefits of socializing with neighbors while working with the soil. The garden plots are to be used for the LaCrosse homeowner’s personal enjoyment. The produce and/or flowers grown are not to be sold.

  1. This community garden is to be organic – no pesticides or herbicides of any kind will be allowed.
  2. Garden plot working hours are dawn to dusk daily.
  3. Hand watering or watering with a hose nozzle is preferred as sprinklers are not allowed. The gardener must be on site when watering.
  4. For sanitary reasons, dogs or other pets are not allowed to roam in the garden area. Dogs and other animals must be on a leash at all times.
  5. After doing your daily chores such as weeding and watering, put back hoses and tools. Leave the garden area as you found it or better.
  6. Walkways between all garden plots should be clear of poles, boards etc.
  7. All gardening must take place in your assigned plot. No gardening in other vacant spaces will be allowed.
  8. Put garden debris in the yard waste container. No soil or plastic containers please.
  9. At the end of the growing season, please clean up your garden space by removing all the garden debris.
  10. If you are unable to work in your assigned garden space, contact the Garden Committee at and your bed will be reassigned.
  11. The Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank is located at 206 South Tobin Street. They will be happy to accept your donations.
  12. Please email the committee with any of your gardening questions and they will be happy to get the answers for you.

Happy Gardening!!!

LaCrosse Community Garden Committee


Water Emergencies:  If there is a broken water main in the community garden, please email the Garden Committee immediately at